Patch welding

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Installation of steelbelts / Belt welding

Endless welding of steel belts, any types and dimensions.

We offer a professional steel belt endless welding of new and second hand steel belts (open length). By the usage of our self constructed welding fixtures we are able to guarantee a professional welding service with best results.

If desired, we support you also during the entire process of removing the old steelbelt and pulling in the new steelbelt.

Disc Welding
Disc Welding
REPAIRS / Repairing damaged Steelbelts

Our specialized teams are well-experienced in supporting you also for the following repairs and services:

  • Crack Repair / Crack Weldings by Vaco4
  • Disc Weldings
  • Patch Weldings
  • Belt Section inserting
  • Straightening service (levelling / flattening)
  • Edge cutting
  • Edge rounding / Edge dressing by MT AutoDresser
  • Edge Trimming
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Shot Peening and Elongation of surface:

By the usage of self-made equipment we can flatten steelbelts in a very effective way and moreover elongate also surfaces in edge area (MT Derivator)

  • Flattening by Shot Peening
  • Elongation of surfaces by MT-Derivator, professional edge elongation by MT Derivator
Polishing of Steelbelts

By our self-made grinding- and polishing machines we are able to grind and polish steelbelts on site.

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Analyzation, Measurements and inspection (INS)

Our well-experienced specialists will join you on site in order to find out possible reasons for any kind of problem.
These are the measurement services we offer:

  • Length Difference measurement
  • Temperature Difference measurement
  • Hardness measurements
  • Roughness measurements
  • Thickness measurements